About Us

Summit Asia Events is a leading civil aviation intelligence provider as well as a conference and exhibition organizer in China. Since its founding in 2004, Summit Asia Events has been dedicated to organizing a portfolio of international conferences in the civil aviation industry. The conference platform of Summit Asia Events provides an excellent opportunity for Chinese airlines and airports not only to communicate and network with their foreign counterparts but also to learn the cutting-edge technologies, innovative practices and development trends of the global civil aviation industry.

Following 15 years of hard work, Summit Asia Events has established close relationships with airlines, airports, industry regulators and relevant government departments in China and abroad. In partnership with the local airport authorities and locally based airlines, the firm pioneers the way of organizing conferences in the most developed Chinese Cities - Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, etc. As a consequence, the development of the aviation industry in these cities has been greatly propelled. Conferences organized by Summit Asia Events are characterized by experience-sharing, one-to-one business meetings, panel discussions and cocktail communications.

The fast growth of Summit Asia Events is attributed to its young, pragmatic and hardworking team that is composed of members with diverse backgrounds. Before joining Summit Asia Events, some had collected experiences in the civil aviation industry, some had worked for exhibition companies and some had been journalists. As a result of these diverse experiences and skills, all expertise needed to organize a successful conference is abound in the team of Summit Asia Events.

Summit Asia Events is sailing for the future…